Falling Into Place

We cannot believe it has been one year since we officially became a Non-Profit Organization. You can click here to read last years post.

It is cliche, but it is true that time really does fly. The past year has been filled with a lot of exciting ideas as well as some challenges. There have been questions where we have wondered if we should really do this. Creating and running a Non-Profit is so much more than what people see. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes, a lot of decisions to be made, and hard work that you never fully realize until you dive deep into all that comes with a Non-Profit Organization.

It has been a slow process to continue the work of BTS:VTV, but it has been so rewarding to see everything come together and we look forward to seeing what is to come as we end 2019 and welcome 2020.

For an update, the BTS:VTV house is almost complete with all of the tools and resources needed to provide free services in the house. We have a pending partnership with a company who is going to provide supplies to make sure the house is fully stocked with furniture and items that will put us in the right direction. We received a call this week from a Rotary Club who provides grants to Non-Profit Organizations and they want to provide to Break the Silence. WHAT A BLESSING! We are in the process of applying and hope to receive this grant for our fall endeavors. Because of a great group of people in Star City AR, we were given donations from a fundraiser that was held in memory of sweet Joseph who was sadly killed due to child abuse. In the midst of tragedy, we are witnessing tons of light in the darkness of trauma. There is hope. There is healing. And we are thankful to be able to provide to survivors. We look forward to helping victims move to victory.

If you think you or someone can help BTS:VTV in some way, please contact us! Here are some ways to help:




Thank you for joining us on this journey!

Educate. Empower. Equip.

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