Teas & Tiaras Pt. 1

Teas & Tiaras Pt. 1

Thanks to Meagan, Jason, Ali, and Buddy... Teas & Tiaras Pt. 1 was a SUCCESS!

The Nutrition Den in Arkadelphia, Arkansas contacted me about doing an event to promote Break the Silence! I couldn’t pass up the chance to drink some tea and shakes in my college town plus have the opportunity to raise awareness! So we quickly began planning and I can’t believe it has come and gone, but oh boy was it a fun time!

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The guest of honor was my friend and Miss Arkansas, Maggie Benton, which was a huge hit! Thank you (times a million) to Maggie and the other local representatives who so generously gave their time to support Break the Silence and The Nutrition Den. A few local businesses around town generously welcomed Maggie with a “Welcome to Arkadelphia” basket! Thank you again to Gossip Shop, Rebel Child, Young Forever, Adorn, and Mary & Martha’s for sponsoring this basket for Maggie! She absolutely LOVED it!

Isn't this the cutest?!

This event was an opportunity for people to learn about Break the Silence, meet Miss Arkansas, and enjoy and a heathy shake/tea while visiting. There was a Break the Silence booth with merchandise and info, a photobooth, hangout area, and the local Child Safety Center even set up a booth to provide resources and information. What a turnout!

Thank you, Becky, for representing PDMCSC at this event!

Tons of “Arkadelphians” stopped by and some even came from out of town! WOW! The love and support from so many people continues to leave me speechless and so grateful for this opportunity. For more info on Teas & Tiaras Pt. 2, head over to the "Events" tab on this site and click "June 4." :)


local representatives enjoying a shake and tea! (and selfies;)


Just waiting for Caroline to let me borrow that dress ;)

Follow Maggie on Instagram to see life after the crown!

Maggie & I were roommates at Miss Arkansas 2013! If only we would have known what was in store for us five years later! All photos by: Natural State Films

Thank you to the village of people who are helping others Break the Silence!

Educate. Empower. Equip.


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