The Nutrition Lounge

If you’re on social media at all, you’ve probably seen everyone talking about these shakes and teas. And if you’re anything like I was before trying them, you are completely unsure what this whole thing is about, maybe even skeptical. Well, that’s how I was at the beginning anyway.

I knew these “Nutrition Places” were popping up in what felt like every little town imaginable. Each had the word Nutrition followed by another word to complete the unique name for the business. For example, I can name The Nutrition Den, Nutrition Hog, The Nutrition Spot, and The Nutrition Bay off of the top of my head without strategically thinking of how many we have in Arkansas now. I was hesitant to try these places at first, but here I am a few months later... addicted! :)

For me, it all started in March, when I went to the Grand Opening Event for The Nutrition Lounge in Sheridan, Arkansas. The owner messaged my husband on Facebook asking if he would lead the prayer for the event. It seemed like a perfect opportunity to mingle and get fueled before hiking Pinnacle Mountain that afternoon. So we went, enjoyed samples, and left with a shake and tea. By this point, my husband had already jumped on the nutrition bandwagon and I could barely take a few sips. Needless to say, a lot of shake and tea were wasted that day (sorry Rachel). :P

A few weeks and many, many of my husband's Facebook “check-ins" later, I decided to give it another try and see if I could find the shake and tea that was calling my name. After a few more "tries," I discovered my favorites and began my journey at The Nutrition Lounge.

My second favorite shake, Banana Nut Bread! Keep reading to discover my Top Choice!

Although the shakes and teas are so, so yummy, there's more nourishment to be had than what I first discovered. I’ve begun to build relationships with people, make connections, and become intentional with the community I am blessed to be a part of. Sure, I've experienced a lot of really physically healthy aspects, but I believe more importantly, I’ve experienced relationally healthy interactions with humans who consistently encourage and inspire.

Hands down, my FAVORITE! Shake: Elvis / Tea: Watermelon Smash

Thank you, Jesus, for these shakes and teas that have treated my taste buds so well. But thank you Jesus, even more, for these people who You have placed in my path.

Educate. Empower. Equip.


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